VIP2 study

Overview of the VIP2 study (POETICS2 in UK)

VIP2 stands for Very old Intensive Care Patients study 2.
An ESICM supported study conducted from the HSRO & NAHP section in ESICM. registration.
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The VIP2-study was called the POETICS2 study in Great Britain.

This study sought to develop a prognostic score for specifically very old, critically ill patients  defined as patients ≥ 80 years). This was a large, prospective, multinational, multicentre study. We gathered age-specific information about the elderly patient: frailty (Clinical Frailty Scale), cognitive function (IQCODE), activity of daily life (KATZ ADL) and co-morbidity, in addition to organ failure score (SOFA). Outcomes were registered as outcome at 30 days (alive or dead) and 6 months in a sub-study. Also, an Frailty score interrater variability was recorded in a sub-study.

The goal was to recruit 20 consecutive ICU patients ≥ 80 years.
3920 patients were recruited from 242 ICUs in 22 countries.
The first paper has been published.
See the list of publications.

VIP2 coordinators

Christian JungPrincipal investigator of VIP study group and German coordinator, ESICM HRSO section chair
christian . jung @ med . uni-duesseldorf . de
Dusseldorf, Germany
Hans FlaattenPrincipal Investigator of the VIP study group, past ESICM HSRO section chair
hans . flaatten @ uib . no
Bergen, Norway
Bertrand GuidetPrincipal Investigator of the VIP study group and French coordinator
bertrand . guidet @ aphp . fr
Paris, France
Dylan W de LangeThe Netherlands coordinator, past ESICM HRSO section chair
d . w . delange @ umcutrecht . nl
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Alessandro Morandimorandi . alessandro @ gmail . comCremona, Italy
Antonio ArtigasSpanish coordinator
aartigas @ tauli . cat
Barcelona, Spain
Ariane BoumendilStatistician
ariane . boumendil @ gmail . com
Paris, France
Brian MarshIrish coordinator
bmarsh @ mater . ie
Dublin, Ireland
Carole BoulangerChair NAHP section ESICM
carole . boulanger @ nhs . net
Exeter, England
Finn AndersenNorwegian coordinator
finn . h . andersen @ helse-mr . no
Ålesund, Norway
Ivo W SolimanStatistician
i . w . soliman @ umcutrecht . nl
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Jesper FjølnerDanish coordinator
jespfjoe @ rm . dk
Viborg, Denmark
Joerg SchefoldSwiss coordinator
joerg . schefold @ insel . ch
Bern, Switzerland
Maurizio CecconiItalian coordinator
maurizio . cecconi @ hunimed . eu
Milan, Italy
Michael JoannidisAustrian coordinator
michael . joannidis @ i-med . ac . at
Innsbruck, Austria
Muhammed ElhadiLibyan coordinator
muhammed . elhadi . uot @ gmail . com
Tripoli, Libya
Rui MorenoPortuguese coordinator
r . moreno @ mail . telepac . pt
Lisboa, Portugal
Sandra OeyenBelgian coordinator
sandra . oeyen @ ugent . be
Ghent, Belgium
Sten WaltherSwedish coordinator
sten . walther @ telia . com
Linkoping, Sweden
Susannah LeaverUnited Kingdom coodinator
susannahleaver @ nhs . net
London, England
Tilemachos Zafeiridis †Greek coordinator
Larissa, Greece
Wojciech SzczeklikPolish coordinator
wszczeklik @ gmail . com
Krakow, Poland
Ximena WatsonUnited Kingdom coordinator
ugm2xw @ doctors . org . uk
London, England
Yuriy NalapkoUkranian coordinator
nalapko @ ukr . net
Lugansk, Ukraine