The VIP-network conducts collaborative, multinational studies on Very Old Intensive Care patients.
We recently finished the COVIP-study.
We’re currently planning the VIP3-study.
See a list of published papers.

Most recent VIP publications

2024-01-18: Guidet B et al. The trajectory of very old critically ill patients. Intensive Care Med.

2023-12-23: Wernly B et al. Odds Ratios vs. Risk Ratios in Intensive Care Research: Using Frailty in Intensive Care as a Case Study. Acad Emerg Med.

2023-12-13: Wernly B et al. Frailty's influence on 30-day mortality in old critically ill ICU patients: a bayesian analysis evaluating the clinical frailty scale. Ann Intensive Care.

2023-10-27: Beil M et al. Limiting life-sustaining treatment for very old ICU patients: cultural challenges and diverse practices. Ann Intensive Care.

2023-10-05: Polok K et al. Validity of the total SOFA score in patients ≥ 80 years old acutely admitted to intensive care units: a post-hoc analysis of the VIP2 prospective, international cohort study. Ann Intensive Care.

See the VIP-papers page for a list of studies from the VIP-network.