Current VIP study: the COVIP study

Corona Virus disease (COVID19) in Very Elderly Intensive care Patients (VIPs).
The COVIP-study is a multinational, prospective, observational study.
Please see the COVIP page for information.

378 ICUs registered

(Updated: 15-06-2021 09:48)

44 countries participating

(Updated: 15-06-2021 09:48)

3927 patients documented

(Updated: 15-06-2021 09:48)

Recent VIP publications

Provision of critical care for the elderly in Europe: a retrospective comparison
of national healthcare frameworks in intensive care units.
Wernly B et al. BMJ Open

The impact of frailty on survival in elderly intensive care patients with COVID-19: the COVIP study.
Jung C et al. Critical Care.

Frailty is associated with long-term outcome in patients with sepsis who are over 80 years old: results from an observational study in 241 European ICUs.
Haas LEM et al. Age and Aging.

See the VIP-papers page for a list of studies from the VIP-network.