Current VIP study: the COVIP study 2022 extension

Corona Virus disease (COVID19) in Very Elderly Intensive care Patients (VIPs).
The COVIP-study is a multinational, prospective, observational study running from 2020 and into 2022.
Close to 4000 patients were recruited in 2020-2021 and the COVIP study is now starting a second recruitment period (the 2022-extension).
Please see the COVIP page for information.

COVIP 2022 extension status:

125 ICUs registered

(Updated: 11-01-2023 08:50)

16 countries participating

(Updated: 11-01-2023 08:50)

546 patients documented

(Updated: 11-01-2023 08:50)

COVIP 2020-2021 status:

376 ICUs registered

(Updated: 24-02-2022 01:14)

44 countries participating

(Updated: 24-02-2022 01:14)

3978 patients documented

(Updated: 24-02-2022 01:14)

Recent VIP publications

2022-12-27: Baldia PH et al. The association of prior paracetamol intake with outcome of very old intensive care patients with COVID-19: results from an international prospective multicentre trial. BMC Geriatr.

2022-10-27: Flaatten H et al. Consent is a confounding factor in a prospective observational study of critically ill elderly patients. PLoS One.

2022-10-19: Wernly B, et al. A retrospective cohort study comparing differences in 30-day mortality among critically ill patients aged ≥ 70 years treated in European tax-based healthcare systems (THS) versus social health insurance systems. Sci Rep.

2022-10-15: Binneboessel S et al. Cytokine absorption in critically ill old COVID-19 patients with renal failure: A retrospective analysis of 503 intensive care unit patients. Clin Hemorheol Microcirc.

2022-10-07: Jung C et al. Frailty in intensive care medicine must be measured, interpreted and taken into account!. Intensive Care Med .

See the VIP-papers page for a list of studies from the VIP-network.